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60100 Seinäjoki

Puh. (06) 414 1256


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Puh. (06) 414 1256

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01019 5202

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The Crisis Centre provides help and support for people who are going through life's challenges. Everyone can experience a crisis in their lives, sometimes unexpectedly, sometimes over a course of time. Whether you are facing difficulties in your relationships or are worried about your loved ones, whether you have experienced a shocking situation, lost an important person in your life or just simply feel alone with your problems, we at the Crisis Centre can help you.

If you are facing a crisis situation, you can have 1 - 5 meetings for crisis counselling. The aim of the counselling is to find solutions and resources to get over the crisis situation. The meetings can take place one-to-one, together as a couple or as a family. Counselling is free of charge and it’s possible to make the contact anonymously.

No one should be alone

If you are looking for help yourself or for someone you care about and wonder whether The Crisis Centre is the right place for you, we sincerely hope you will contact us when

  • You need reliable and empathic listener
  • You have worries
  • You experience sorrow and heartache
  • You need immediate help and support
  • You want to discuss anonymously

No problem is too big or too small. All experiences and feelings are equally important.

You are not alone

You are more than welcome to contact The Crisic Centre director Kati Kuusio for making an appointment.

Kati Kuusio

040 719 0108

"Crisis is not illness from which one should recover; it is life one has to live."

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