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Professional crisis counseling

The Crisis Center Mobile has been operating in Seinäjoki since 1995. The Crisis Center is a non-governmental organization and financed by STEA. The Crisis Center is a low thre-shold place, which means you can receive help quickly, free of charge and anonymously if you wish. No referral is needed to book an appointment, only the own experience of crisis is enough.

If you or someone you care about needs help and support, please contact us

The Crisis Center provides help and support for people who are going through life's challenges. Everyone can experience a crisis in their lives, sometimes unexpectedly, sometimes over a period of time. Whether you are facing difficulties in your relationships, worrying about your loved ones, experienced a shocking situation, lost an important person in your life, or just simply feel alone with your problems, we at the Crisis Center can help you.

If you are facing a crisis situation, you can have up to 5 meetings for crisis counseling. The goal of the counseling is to help you find resources and solutions in order to solve the crisis. The meetings can take place one-on-one, together as a couple, or as a family.

No one should have to feel alone when facing a crisis

If you are looking for help yourself or for someone you care about and wonder if The Crisis Center is the right place for you, we sincerely hope you will contact us when

  • You need reliable and empathetic listener
  • You have worries or a difficult life situation
  • You feel sorrow
  • You feel alone with your problems

There is no problem too small. All experiences and feelings are equally important.

You are not alone

You are more than welcome to contact The Crisis Center to make an appointment.

Monday - Friday 8.00 - 18.00

"Crisis is not illness from which one should recover; it is life one has to live."

Crisis is a difficult life situation where an individual’s learned approaches and coping strategies are insufficient or do not work. (The Finnish Associaton for Mental Health - Crises)